8 May, 2017

New marina system developed for seasonal use provides stability, user comfort and high load capacity while facilitating easy installation, removal and storage.

Bellingham, WA, USA – 8 May 2017

– The Miami International Boat Show (MIBS) produces an economic impact of over $600 million for the Miami area, so when show organizers at the NMMA were told they needed to find a new location, it quickly became the top priority. After considering many venues, one site stood out above the rest, Miami Marine Stadium Park. This option presented the challenge of bringing in a temporary dock system that would adhere to stringent EPA regulations while still providing the necessary engineering and design components required to accommodate the thousands of show visitors. The problem was that such a dock just didn’t exist…yet.

In light of the sensitive ecological environment, Bellingham Marine stepped up to the challenge, producing the world’s first 100% EPA compliant temporary marina with the ability to be compactly stacked in storage. Many features distinguish this timber dock from other lightweight systems available in the marketplace. For example, it’s portable nature with the feel of a solid permanent dock along with easy customization set the system apart from the competition.

Bellingham Marine was recently selected by Boating Industry Magazine as a recipient of their Top Products of the Year Awards for 2017 for the groundbreaking floating dock system used by MIBS. Honorees were selected based on their innovation, impact on the industry, creativity and more, according to the magazine. Bellingham is featured in the May issue along with a range of other “Top” products, from boats to accessories and beyond.

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