9 Jun, 2017

No Big Deal: New Cost Effective Method for Transporting Massive Docks

Advanced technique for lifting and delivering heavy dock modules makes new public fish market at Steveston Harbour a reality.

Richmond, BC, Canada – 9 June 2017 – On a rainy Thursday morning along the pier next to Steveston Landing, vendors peddle prawns, halibut and enormous Dungeness crabs. Visitors buzz about the public fish sales float, searching for the coveted spot prawns that are only available six weeks out of the year. The quaint little town, located in the southwest area of Richmond in British Columbia, makes you feel like you are stepping into the past. However, one step on the enormous new concrete floats holding the entire market up will remind you that times have changed.

Steveston Harbour is one of Canada’s largest commercial fishing hubs, situated on the south arm of the Fraser River. The fishing dock has been open to the public since 1895 and was in serious need of repairs.

Bellingham Marine was awarded the contract by the Steveston Harbour Authority in March of 2016. The agreement included the manufacture and supply of 20 float modules, each of which:

  • Measures 14 ft. × 60 ft.
  • Weighs 160,000 pounds, nearly the same as a Boeing 737 airliner.

They were in need of an economical, custom solution to replace the floats, and due to the massive size requirements that was a tall order to fill. Many companies placed bids to build the modules, but Bellingham Marine was the only one able to come up with a cost-effective way to deliver.

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