11 Aug, 2017

Renovated Wrightsville Beach Marina Ignites Sense of Pride In The Local Community

Concrete and timber docks merge seamlessly to provide a custom solution that is both luxurious and purposeful.  

Wrightsville Beach, NC, USA – 11 August 2017 – When Wrightsville Beach Marina and Yacht Club in North Carolina decided it was time to renovate their 100-slip marina they turned to Bellingham Marine, world renowned marina builder, for help. The ownership group knew they wanted a modern facility that would be a source of pride. They also knew their site had several unique demands that needed to be addressed to ensure the long-term success of the marina.

Located on a bustling Intracoastal Waterway, Wrightsville Beach Marina needed wave protection. The marina also wanted to be able to welcome large yachts. The owners were attracted to the visual appeal of traditional timber docks but were concerned about the timber dock’s ability to knock down the waves generated by the waterway’s heavy boat traffic.

There was also a concern about water depth along the seawall. In an extreme low tide event, timber would have the advantage. Bellingham Marine’s timber docks have a shallow 6-inch draft compared to the deeper draft of their concrete counterparts. The shallow draft would mitigate any possible concern of the dock grounding out during extreme tidal shifts.

After reviewing the site’s constraints and the owners’ desired features and amenities, the solution became apparent. Wrightsville Beach Marina needed a hybrid dock system.

Bellingham Marine built timber docks for all finger piers. Concrete was used for the exterior dock and interior main walks, with the exception of the walkway along the seawall, which was built in timber. Timber docks have less draft than concrete, making them ideal in that location.

The concrete dock on the exterior achieved the requirement for wave protection as well as moorage for larger vessels. The interior concrete walkways provided strength and enhanced the overall user experience on the docks.

What are the priorities for your marina? Contact Bellingham Marine today to learn about the different options that will help you achieve your vision.


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