Concrete Floating Docks

Unifloat® and Unibolt® Concrete Floating Docks

 Unifloat Concrete Floating Dock System Brochure

 Unibolt Concrete Floating Dock System Brochure
 FRP Thru-rods Brochure

Bellingham is pleased to offer two concrete floating dock systems - the Unifloat system is a waler connected system and the Unibolt a bolted system. Both floating dock systems have a number of advantages including: strength, ruggedness, durability, proven performance, non-flammable, non-skid surface, wave resistance, protection to boats, stability to users, corrosion resistant, and environmentally friendly.

The Unifloat® Dock System: Bellingham Marine's Unifloat® concrete floating dock system has become the industry standard for the modern marina since first introduced in 1958. The dock system is composed of individual concrete float modules connected with a through-rod /waler system developed by Bellingham Marine. The modular concept allows virtually any size or configuration. Durable through-rods allow easy reconfiguration and expansion of the flotation system as needs change. For more information about the advantages of the Unifloat through-rod /waler system read our article titled, "Understanding Walers"

The Unifloat® dock system offers the lowest life-cycle cost in the industry. Affordable at the start, with minimal maintenance costs, lower insurance from fire-resistant concrete, Unifloat® concrete floating docks make financial sense while offering the toughness and beauty you need in a floating dock system.

The Unibolt® Dock System: Bellingham Marine's Unibolt® concrete dock system is known for its strength. Several components are responsible for the inherent strength of the Unibolt® dock system.  The reinforced concrete shell surrounding the expanded-polystyrene core is exceptionally rigid. The mainwalk to mainwalk connection provides a positive bolted connection without putting the bolt in bending, thus eliminating any possibility of metal fatigue.  The finger to main float connection is accomplished with the use of high strength bolts that pass the loads through a unique galvanized steel square tube connection bracket, providing a semi-hinged connection without using moving parts; thus alleviating concerns about metal fatigue.  Down to the last washer and nut, Unibolt® dock systems are designed for strength. 

The Unibolt's walkway connection system differs from other bolted systems available in the market in that the design eliminates any possibility of metal fatigue.  This is accomplished through a patent pending three part design concept.  Another differentiating feature of Bellingham Marine's Unibolt system is the ability to change connection bolts without separating modules or removing walkway sections from their piles.  This is accomplished by sliding the Unibolt into the cast-in-place pocket, rotating it outboard and removing it through the extraction pocket.  There is no other bolted system that provides this important feature.