Bellingham Marine has 12 years of experience in pre-stress concrete products. Our facility located in Bellingham, Washington can accommodate ship or barge loading providing significant savings on transportation cost on many projects. It is certified by the Pre-cast/Pre-stressed Concrete Institute, the Washington State Department of Transportation and the City of Seattle, for the production of pre-cast/pre-stressed concrete products. 

Bellingham Marine has steel casting forms for the following products. Some of these forms are self stressing and others require the use of our stressing bed. 

8' Wide Double Tee 
4' Wide Channel Beam 
38" Bulb Tee 
6' Wide Haunched Deck Panel 
Solid Concrete Rectangular Deck Slabs 
16 1/2" Octagonal Piling 
18" Octagonal Piling 
12" Square Piling 
8 Ton Dolos 
Other Miscellaneous Forms