Bellingham Marine supplied the concrete docks for Cresent City's rebuild H-dock features a massive concrete floating dock system

Crescent City Marina

Project Details:

City: Crescent City
Country: USA
Start Date: 10/01/2012
Completion Date: 03/22/2014
Scope of Work: Supply and Install
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According to claims by designing engineers, Crescent City Marina is the country’s first “tsunami-resistant” marina. The marina has approximately 230 slips plus side-tie space and caters to boats from 30’ to 70’ in length.

The 400’ long H-dock, which sits closest to the entrance, features 39’ x 16’ modules with a 1’ gap between modules. Each module is approximately 7’ tall and weighs 160,000 pounds. A steel transition plates bridges the gap between modules and allow for the independent movement of each module.

The interior docks are also extra strong. The system’s strength is attributed to the massive concrete modules, which make up the dock system and from the stout pile design. Large 30” piles supported by 600 pound pile guides are strategically placed through the marina.